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... o_o; Its amazing how music soothes makes me happy.


When you're selling something and someone shows interest on a forum, REPLY TO THEM. I know you have been on the forum for an HOUR because it shows where you've been.. AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. And you want money. So, REPLY. Dammnit.

Tommarows Mandarr's and my installation. Its on the Bremerton Masonic temple on 5th and warren (Where you went before) At 2PM. D: I have to be there since 11:30, and this goes till late, ugh.

I need to be saved from BOREDOM. And I need more than than dad to introduce as my family/friends. ;-;




SO. I hate my neighbors? And you know why?
I think it was Thursday or Wednesday when we had the snow.. really cold and all that. I was changing the tablecloth so I was RIGHT in front of/accross from the picture window in our living room. So I look out and I see Micheal, the kid down the street TRYING to throw snowballs at our window from the street. And failing, obviously.

Now, I used to be friends with his big sister... She was 1 day younger than me.. but they creeped me out a lot. I would get trapped in another neighbor-girls house and Nichole ( girl one younger than me) would strip and have 'Peepee and bottom shows'
I remember wanting to home and they chased me so I slipped on gravel and sliced my knee open. I think I still have a scar. And Mike wasn't potty trained till seven, and he actually PEED on me once.
I finnally broke things off once they started screaming my name and running away and hiding one day. I haven't talked to them in at least 4 years.

And tonight I heard this big THUNK around the window area. I thought that Demon Spawn/Misty had fallen or smacked her head on the window or something.. but she wasn't there. And then I saw a chunk of snow/ice on our window... In the pitch black Mike finally had to guts to get close enough to throw a snowball.
After he throws another one at the window, my dad got dressed up and went to their house and said "Please tell your son not to throw snow at our window."

And what did the mom say?

"Fuck you."

I almost want to move D:

!!! <3!!! YAY!

I got elected as Faith in Rainbow!! I'm on my way to President.. AAAND~ If you ever get your petition in S.Laura, I'll be the one walking around with you when you are initiated.

I was all depressed last night because I was convinced the other girl would win. And I didn't really mind.. shes my best friend (you all are.) and she deserved it.... We tied a couple times with no election... And then we had to do a little speech.. and I started out how this time last year.. well.. 2005... I had no friends (true) and Mandarr brought me into Rainbow and made my life so much better.... and then I got elected....
I really hope it wasn't a pity vote.. maybe not.. They said there were blank ballots because people couldn't choose between us two. She ended up as Treasurer, which is a big thing too. I hope she gets Faith next time.
My dad has to clean his suit.. he'll be escorting me in for Installation. You guys have to be there :x Its the same place as last time, Bremerton Masonic Temple, February 3rd.. 2pm I think? Mandarr will know. But it will be awesome... <3'd.

Next tuesday is also my first line meeting.. and I have to call or talk to Mrs.Campbell there about having people stay with me at the lodge since I have to go early... But.. heh..

This is not what I expected at ALL.

I also got a part as Service in the Grand Oficers Reception.. a state-wide party, basically.. And I sit on the floor (The area with the stations.. aka where everyone intiated sits) while all the assemblies with grand officers STARE at me. D:
I'll need to learn how to makeup. :U
Aw fsck.
I'm gonna fail Chemistry.

We have to memorise the fscking polyatomic atoms. I can't concentrate.
At all.


Are we going to the mall tommarrow or no? Where we meeting?
If so, I'm gonna call someone since I can't do it at home (they will ask why I say ' i love you'


Being 18
Being 16
RO2 International beta to come out D:





CHOWDER> http://ragnarok-tale.net/album/albums/Official%20Art/Design%2006.jpg (Recruit class)


http://ragnarok-tale.net/album/albums/Screenshots/Screenshot%2011.jpg (Clown/Dancer)

http://ragnarok-tale.net/album/albums/Screenshots/content_character_03.jpg (Enchanter> Swordman > Recruit)
-drool-.... Enchanter is the heal+buff/support class.. IE priest.. which is what I have in Ragnarok1...
Recruit is what archer is basically... Long-rang fighting class, cept they use guns and cannons.
http://ragnarok-tale.net/album/albums/Screenshots/ro2ss20.jpg emotes!

http://ragnarok-tale.net/album/albums/Screenshots/ro2ss21.jpg DDD:!! KISSING! WANT WANT WANT.

3 races- Normans, humans... only ones to use jobs
Ellr-- short elf-people. Chibis.
Dimago--7-head tall (I think) night-demon things that sprout horns and bone wings in the dark. <3 gawth.

If you all end up playing this.. I WILL NEVER HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE AGAIN.